Strategic partnership with ELk — New pool on Golff (deposit GOF to mine ELK)

Dear Golff Users:

Golff and Elk Finance reached a DeFi strategic partnership recently, and both parties will open Farm mutual mining activities to provide better mining experience and benefit for users. Through this cooperation, it will better enable the integration and interoperability of users from both communities and realize the mutual mining of both ecological tokens (GOF and ELK) on the Heco chain, and also facilitate the cross-platform circulation of GOF and Elk.

Golff will provide liquidity based on the Farm GOF pool to enable pledging GOF to mine ELK, and according to a previous community proposal, ELK.Finance will provide a $3,000 equivalent ELK token incentive to users who pledge GOF to mine at Golff Farm.

Golff team will launch the Innovation section in the Heco version of Farm pool and simultaneously launch the GOF pool on August 6, 2021 at 12:00 UTC. You can get ELK token rewards when depositing GOF, welcome to participate.

How to join?

Golff (Heco) Farm will newly add GOF pool in the innovation page. You can stake your GOF in Golff (Heco) Farm to get ELK as reward.

Time: August 6, 2021(UTC-4) 12:00 AM

Golff official website:


Golff will continue to strengthen its partnerships with pojects like Elk Finance and others to enable more cross-platform value interoperability and provide Golff users with more earning opportunities.

About Elk Finance:

Elk Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. The Elk ecosystem makes it seamless for anyone to move value and exchange cryptocurrencies across blockchains more quickly and securely, all at a low cost. Elk’s robust and intuitive architecture also allows developers to build and integrate smart contracts and DeFi applications on top of the Elk platform in order to leverage its cross-chain functionality.

About Golff:

Golff is a one-stop crypto bank with a product format that is primarily a DeFi aggregator platform with products such as fantastic farm, earn collection, financial enhancement insurance, and lighting lending to provide users with more convenient decentralized financial services

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One-stop encrypted bank, to create a light, open and free financial world.

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Golff Protocol

Golff Protocol

One-stop encrypted bank, to create a light, open and free financial world.

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