Golff Protocol

Next DeFi Turning point, the aggregator 2.0 era

As mentioned earlier, since market funds are not yet sufficient to support a full-scale bull market, the market has always been in rotation. Where market demand is, which sector will be hyped and then skyrocketed.

For example, when DeFi first emerged, everyone thought about how to upload real-world information to the chain and how to obtain quotations, so the oracle project ushered in the first wave of outbreaks, Link, UMA, REP, Band, etc.

Afterwards, many people began to participate in DeFi. People criticized Ethereum for its low efficiency, poor participation experience and high gas fees. Therefore, the Layer 2 concept projects ushered in a rise, such as SNX, NEAR, LRC, OMG, etc.

Later, DEX, liquidity mining, decentralized lending and other sectors began to hype in rotation…

I didn’t buy 0.5U SUSHI, now you dare to buy 10U? Uncle YFI, who is more expensive than Bitcoin, can you catch up? So as an ordinary investor, it would be irrational if the high-speed train of DeFi is emptied. We must lay out the next tipping point in advance before we can enjoy the growth dividend.

In my opinion, aggregators are the next flashpoint.

Various types of DeFi products emerge in an endless stream, and most of them have complex financial gameplay. Faced with such a complex professional financial product, even some insiders cannot fully understand it, let alone expect outsiders to study it well.

For example, in the face of many DeFi loan products on the market, it is difficult for you to find a product with the lowest loan interest rate; for example, you want to trade a certain token, but you don’t know which one has the least slippage; if you want to For liquidity mining, how to choose a pool with high security returns and avoid encountering earth mines is too high for ordinary investors.

The aggregator sees this problem, so the point of aggregation is to lower the user threshold. The aggregator can bring together high-quality DeFi applications for users. To put it more simply, the aggregator is the entrance to the future DeFi world. Its importance for users to participate in DeFi is as important as exchanges for digital currency transactions and wallets for digital currency storage.


Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank, and its product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform, dedicated to creating a lightweight, open and free financial ecosystem.

As DeFi is still in the ascendant, most applications do not cover all DeFi applications, and choose to do one thing exclusively. For example, YFI only aggregates decentralized lending protocols, while APY.Finance, Zapper.Finance, etc. focus on DeFi for aggregate liquidity mining.

Concentration is good and bad. The good thing is that it can quickly do a good job in one field and quickly gain a place in the market; the bad thing is that it is difficult to deploy in other fields in the later period. Due to governance issues, it is also difficult to upgrade to a full Fangwei DeFi revenue aggregator. Therefore, there is a lack of a product on the market that allows users to track and manage their entire DeFi portfolio, including lending, guarantees, asset exchange, and liquidity mining.

Unlike most of the current DeFi aggregators, which only focus on one area, as far as I know, Golff has a comprehensive layout, almost covering the main scenarios of DeFi. That is, liquidity mining, income aggregator, transaction aggregation, financial enhanced insurance, one-click aggregation lending, etc. This is why I think Golff will surpass the existing aggregator.

From the perspective of background strength, Golff is also very strong. It has successively obtained GXChain Capital, FBG Capital, Consensus Lab, Bisheng Capital, Waterdrop Capital, Nova Club, N7 Labs, Chain Capital, Imagination Capital, LongBit Labs, Jubi Labs, Invested by more than a dozen well-known institutions such as BKex labs.

Although some people would say that background does not represent strength, these large institutions are far more sensitive to the market than our leeks. So many institutions have invested. On the one hand, they show their recognition of the aggregator track, and on the other hand, they show their recognition of Golff. Recognition of this project and team.

And what the currency circle does is not technology but ecology. Why is Ethereum Bull? There are many public chains that are stronger than Ethereum in terms of performance and scalability, but there is no ecosystem comparable to Ethereum. Most new projects are based on Ethereum. This is also the gradual decline of other public chains, and Wanchain belongs to Ethereum. the reason. Golff’s investors are very strong. In addition to capital, they can also bring resources to Golff.

Golff product

According to the information disclosed by the Golff team, Golff will focus on three major areas: aggregate lending, improved machine gun pool and the introduction of Gas Tokens.

1. One-click aggregate lending

Golff’s one-click aggregated lending service will gradually aggregate the current mainstream DeFi lending platforms, such as MakerDAO, Compound, AAVE, dYdX, etc. This will greatly expand the underlying assets that can be used for lending, enhance the user’s asset liquidity, and also optimize the best interest rate, reducing the user’s borrowing cost.

Golff Lend’s one-click aggregation loan product has now completed the overall code development and has officially entered the testing phase, and is expected to be officially launched in mid-February.

2.Gas Tokens

Golff will introduce Gas Tokens (tokenization of Ethereum block capacity rent) on-chain fee alternatives to solve the common Ethereum high funding rate problem, greatly reduce contract call fees, and lower the threshold for user participation .

The user mints Gas tokens by storing the data in the Gas Token contract storage, and then sends the Gas tokens back to the contract for destruction, releasing the previously saved storage elements. At the same time, this new transaction will be refunded and converted into a Gas deposit. In this way, active users can mint or buy Gas tokens when the price is low, and then burn it when the price is high, so as to obtain a gas refund to offset part of the expenditure. This model is very beneficial to on-chain arbitrageurs, deploying smart contracts, and bulk traders who originally cost too much gas.

3.Golff improved machine gun pool

Golff Vault 2.0 supports the participation of multiple currencies and supports more strategies for switching between Golff Vault V2 machine gun pools. Users only need to deposit assets with one click to get the best returns. This means that our machine gun pool has enhanced the “strike range” and supports the aggregation of more DeFi products.

Vault+Farm double high-yield, Vault 2.0 supports all Golff Vault 2.0 G-V2 Token mining, increases mining revenue on the basis of machine gun pool revenue, and has become the mainstream aggregator with the highest rate of return.

As the pro-son of Huobi, Heco, the Huobi ecological chain, has high hopes. The recent hot MDEX, LendHub, and Basis Gold have all leapt from the east wind of the Huobi ecological chain Heco.

Volunteers from the Golff community initiated a vote on the improved version of the machine gun pool, supporting the products on the Huobi public chain Heco, and diversifying the ecosystem. It is expected that Golff will support both Ethereum and Huobi Heco soon. In this way, relying on Huobi itself The strong user traffic base can divert Golff. At the same time, Heco has a considerable advantage over the TPS of Ethereum 18 and the GAS fee of tens to tens of US dollars.

At the same time, Heco’s current mining pool income far exceeds the income of other ecological chain mining pools, with a return rate between 30% and 200%. The Golff machine gun pool is 20 million US dollars in capital pool. The annual machine gun pool income is calculated at 50%, and there are also 10 million. For US dollar revenue, 10% of the machine gun pool mechanism will be circulated in the repurchase market; juGolff, that is, 1 million US dollars, according to the current overall market value of Golff is only 3 million US dollars, based on Heco wealth management income, at least the market value of Golff must be on this basis Doubled.

Golff’s completion of these 3 points can help users better obtain funds, higher profits, and lower on-chain commission rates. In addition, users can simultaneously mine Ethereum and Heco on Golff, avoiding “switching” “Growing vegetables locally” is tedious.

In fact, we analyze how so many Golff are good, these are the fundamentals of the project, and the fundamentals of the project determine the value support of its tokens and the future growth space.

GOF is a native functional token of Golff. GOF holders can also share platform profits while having the right to participate in governance. In addition, holding GOF can also participate in liquidity mining in the Golff system. From the perspective of GOF itself, whether you want to dig GDAO to participate in platform governance or machine gun pool revenue, GOF is the core.

In the second outbreak of DeFi recently, in the case of Bitcoin’s continued weakness, the DeFi concept currency continues to hit new highs. It is believed that the next focus of the funds will be the revenue aggregator, so it can maintain YFI and GOF Pay attention, especially compared to YFI which has skyrocketed, GOF has more room to rise.

With the gradual landing of the blockchain, the premium of those projects that have tried to experiment in the future will gradually disappear, and their dividend period will be replaced by more advanced technologies. This is the underlying logic of today’s DeFi projects that are favored by capital.

The high degree of decentralization of DeFi projects, high barriers for users to get started, and poor operating experience are the reasons why I am optimistic about the future development of revenue aggregators.

The continuous rotation of market funds, from Bitcoin-ETH-new public chain (DOT/AVAX)-lending (AAVE/COMP)-DEX (UNI/Sushi), etc., has increased by at least 5 times. It is currently on the phenomenon-level track. The adjustment to the revenue aggregator track represented by YFI/Golff that has not yet begun to perform is none other than the good project base disk, which is the reason why I am optimistic about YFI/Golff.

One-stop encrypted bank, to create a light, open and free financial world.