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Hoo Will Launch GOLFF Mining Fund Project Token Sale on Sep 9

Dear Hoo users,

Hoo will launch the DEFI Project GOLFF (GOF) mining fund project token sale on September 9, 2020 from 14:00–18:00(UTC+8).

The support fund will be used for Project GOLFF Genesis mining. The GOF generated from mining will be distributed equally to users based on the amount of project support.


Time: 14:00 to 18:00 on Sep. 9, 2020(UTC+8)

Accepted coin: USDT (wallet account)

Amount: 100,0000 USDT (Wallet account)

Minimum invest: 100 USDT

Maximum invest: 20,000 USDT

Requirements: complete KYC

Hoo will be regularly updated with real-time earnings from mining and provide reference tutorials on GOF mining. In addition, Hoo will keep in-depth cooperation with GOLFF and continue to help the development of GOLFF’s DAO ecosystem. All participating users will be able to become members of the Hoo DAO organization.”

Introduction to Golff

One-stop services encrypted bank, to create a light, open, and free finanicial world. Golff DeFi products have low threshhold, fast and smooth using experience. Multi-version, localized product design, catering to the needs of eastern and western users. 95% of GOF comes from liquid mining, no pre-mined. As a DeFi aggregator, Golff will continue to innovate product design and gameplay while optimizing and aggregating the DeFi product portfolio to optimize return






1. Hoo does not charge management fees for GOLFF mining, and all mining profits will be fully paid to users.

2. Due to the uncertainty of the mining income, GOLFF only provides mining services and cannot guarantee the principal and income.

3. Hoo is not responsible for any loss caused by the security of GOLFF.

September 8

Hoo Team

One-stop encrypted bank, to create a light, open and free financial world.