Golff Protocol

Heco Golff LP Vault is launched

In order to continually enrich the Golff ecosystem, the Heco Golff Vault will add LP pools at 7:00AM, supporting HUSD-USDT, ETH-USDT, HBTC-USDT, MDX-USDT and other LP pools, with the highest compound interest annualized up to 1310.74 %. The maximum annual compound interest of uni-token mining pools non-destructive mining can reach 580%.

At the same time, according to the community proposal, in order to encourage Heco ecological users to actively participate in the Golff, Golff will simultaneously launch Vault mining rewards, support uni-token, LP Vault mining incentives, and users can use the G-HecoToken credentials obtained by participating in the Vault. Deposit into the Farm Pool to get extra rewards.

Golff Vault maximizes user asset returns through dynamic optimization strategies, double audits, and automated reinvestment. It can provide investors with one-click access to the optimal returns on the Heco. At the same time, the mining incentive policy also forms an income stack under the original high-yield strategy and bring the optimal solution to the user’s income.


Launch time: 2021–03–10 7:00 (UTC-5)

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