GOLFF is Now on DeBank

Golff Protocol
2 min readAug 21, 2021

DeBank is a very popular Portfolio tracker that a lot of people in DeFi use. It is superior to most of its competitors by its UI and great features. The only disadvantage it has is that smaller projects are not tracked on the platform.

But this, as far as an user observed, is a downside of basically any other portfolio Manager user have used so far. The only tool that has most of, if not all the projects is, a website every DeFi investor should know about. It just misses UI. It literally doesn’t really have an interface aside from basic HTML. It has its charm though.

Recently, GOLFF has partnered with DeBank. This means that your holding value of $GOF will be shown in DeBank across all chains.

In the first official Tweet, they only announced it for Ethereum, which was a bit of a bummer, as most holders are on HECO.

But this pain was alleviated after a couple of days when Binance Smart Chain and HECO were also added to the tracker.

$GOF holder can visit Debank’s website and convince yourself of its power.

Hope Golff can bring more value to holders via its strategic partnerships as well as our strong fundamentals which Golff is focused continuously on growing and improving so our investors could have a safe investment platform with high yields.



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