Announcement: Golff Trading Mining Launch

Dear Golff Users:

According to the previous ‘community proposal on GOF LP and trading mining rewards’: in order to increase the LP depth and trading activity of GOF on each chain, and reward users who actively participate in trading and liquidity addition, Golff will launch LP trading mining on March 24, 2022 at 00:00 (GMT-4), in addition to increasing LP pool rewards on top of additional GOF to incentivize trading users, welcome to participate.

Amount of GOF rewards for LP pledging and transaction mining for each chain.

GOF-ETH LP (Etherum) 10,000 GOF/month.

GOF-BNB LP (BSC) 60,000 GOF/month.

GOF-USDT LP (Heco) 25,000 GOF/month.

Reward Rules:

Every 30 days is a period and the average number of transaction fees paid and pledged LPs determines the rewards you can earn in each period.

Calculation formula:

tradeScore = feespaid⁰.2× LP staked value⁰.8
reward = Current reward × (tradeScore/totalTradeScore)

Participate at:

Reward Collection:

  • Original LP pledge users do not need to take out, LP mining rewards and transaction mining rewards are accumulated on the transaction mining page for public announcement.
  • It will be issued within 7 working days after the end of each period of activity, and users will collect it on the chain of the corresponding address by themselves.
  • Note: The rewards of the Ethernet chain need to be collected on the BSC chain of the corresponding address.

About Golff

Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank, and its product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform. Golf is dedicated to creating a light, open and free financial world. Golff officially launched liquidity mining on 9/9/2020. It currently supports multiple wallets such as BitKeep, imToken, Tokenpocket, etc. The main governance token GOF has been listed on 24 mainstream exchanges including Huobi,, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, MDEX.

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